You think you’re the hottest army boy in the world? Feel like trying a competition with your hot fellow regiment soldiers or sailors. Be the champion of the platoon? It’s plain and simple: Send us your hottest picture or pictures.

You can be in or out your uniform. Shirtless fine too. Anything your invent in your creative soldiers brain works. We have all kinds of categories. White, black or latin? Crewcut haircut of flattop? Sailor or solider, recruit in boot camp? Anyone can join.

The hottest army boy is revealed by the popularity rankings of our audience. We are objective in this. And we’ll place our cutest military boys in our hot military hall of fame. So start shooting those pictures boys!

Sent your entries to:

And please: Leave your fellow woman army girls out of this. We respect them of course, but we’re just not interested, frankly speaking…

4 Responses to “Send your picture and win”

  1. michael watson Says:

    My names Michael im 22 years old and from Barnsley south yorkshire. I have been in the army for 6 years andhad some great experiences this competition being one of them.

  2. chris Says:

    i want to send my picture.

  3. God fuckin’ damn your website sucks. Half of your god damn pics are of US MARINES. NOT the fuckin’ army. Saying we’re army boys is a huge insult.

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