Muscular soldier in uniform doing push-ups

January 23, 2008

Look at the arms and butt of this cute soldier. The army is good for him. And that green camouflage uniform really looks great on him. A good army workout goes everyday. Exercise every day and be good to your drill instructor. Push-ups are part of the routine. Work-out well and you’ll improve your gorgeous body fast.

Muscular soldier in uniform doing push-ups

7 Responses to “Muscular soldier in uniform doing push-ups”

  1. brittney Says:

    he looks hot i would definetly tap that.

  2. Jade Says:

    i am in love ā¤

  3. David Egan Says:

    wow. he is amazing. well im in luv too ā¤

  4. Amok Says:

    He’s a marine. That’s a marine uniform.

  5. ella Says:

    thanks for being there for us

  6. Rhea Says:

    thats my boyfriend…I’m serious we’ve been dating for a while now..hands off…

  7. ray trad Says:


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