Two muscled shirtless soldiers wearing shorts

January 22, 2008

Just look at the muscled of the well trained soldiers, almost naked. Their bodies worked out like real military boys should be. Dog tags on their chests.

Muscled strong half naked soldiers outside

12 Responses to “Two muscled shirtless soldiers wearing shorts”

  1. BT Says:

    WOOOOF, these guyz are hotties. Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing

  2. bunny Says:

    this is hot

  3. jason dean Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very sexy

  4. big willy Says:

    These two boyz obviousfy wanna get some good head… who am i to pass ’em by?!?

  5. wow … realy nice men … i wish i will meet you … i really like this type …. my msn is: ok add me please if you want to chat with me
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  6. Socre Says:

    OMG, i want the cell phone number of the dude on the right, or his e-mail or myspace web page!!!

  7. John Says:

    god i want to play with these action men! damn they are hott!!!! would love them to peal them pants off!!!

  8. hottie gurl Says:

    ther so hot i wanna hav sex wit

  9. hottie gurl Says:

    dose 2 boys r 2 hot i wanna hav sex wit

  10. michelle Says:

    Sexy!! Wow. . I need to go to the military :]

  11. vicki gandolph Says:

    Turn on the cold water! Are they real military men? Is it too late to join? !

  12. dominica Says:

    i wannna have sex with these sexy angels

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